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Connecting you to the industry

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Introducing Zinema, the ultimate solution for filmmakers seeking an alternative route into the industry!

Zinema, the ultimate platform to showcase your work to a global audience. Whether you are an aspiring or established filmmaker, Zinema offers a fair judgement system that ensures your film is accessible to all.

Free Sign-Up and Access to a global Database of Films

Zinema offers a free sign-up to all filmmakers, providing them with access to a massive database of films. Our platform includes industry-standard films, exclusive content, and forgotten films.

Zinema - The Must-Have Streaming Platform for Filmmakers

With Zinema, filmmakers can now showcase their work to a wider audience without the need for a costly distribution plan. Here are some of the features that make Zinema the ultimate streaming platform for independent filmmakers:



Exclusive Movies, Series and originals you won't find on any other streaming platform

The Streaming Platform for Filmmakers

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Our user interface allows for complete personalisation, including avatar, background, and colour schemes. Create a platform that reflects your unique style and brand.


With account sharing, you can easily recommend films and series to friends and family. Our social media integration also allows you to share your recommendations with a wider audience, boosting exposure for your films.

Live chat

Our live chat feature enables users to communicate with one another while watching, allowing for synced group viewing experiences and instant reactions to your films.


With our private screening and Q&A section, you can host exclusive live events featuring cast and crew. This provides an opportunity to engage with your audience, answer their questions and receive valuable feedback.


Our advanced AI technology tracks your viewing preferences and matches you with content that aligns with your interests. As a filmmaker, our AI system links you with like-minded creatives who share your style, helping you to grow your network.


Experience Zinema to its fullest potential with our headphones, which create an immersive cinema-like experience wherever you are. Let us transport you into the world of film and elevate your viewing experience.

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