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The Future Of Anime

Over the next decade, the live entertainment segment is predicted to lead the anime market with a share of 8,366 million and a rise at a CAGR of 9%. Furthermore, merchandising accounted for more than 29 percent of worldwide revenue in 2021 and is likely to expand in the anime industry throughout the forecasted period.

Trauma Movie Poster image


Traumatised by a past betrayal, Maleek must make a difficult choice: save his relationship, or continue to be haunted by a life-changing trauma.

My hero Movie poster image


Ones older brother can be seen as a father figure, idol, or even a superhero. It all changes for Ben when he has the face the realities of growing up in the innercity streets.

Eve movie poster image


One day your in love with your family in a neighbourhood far from perfect, the next your family is gone and your alone in a world with no one, Except Eve.




Zems Anime Grid

Anime filming grid guidelines

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The Zenmai art form is a new concept that is bridging the gap between animation and live action.

Bringing Anime

to the BIG Screen

Creating a storyboard guide and having a grid guideline makes the filming process authentic, but most important REAL!

Zems Storyboard Guide

Our personal Zenmai Style Composition Guide

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