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‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ tops UK-Ireland box office with mid-range £5.4m start

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny opened to £5.4m at the UK-Ireland box office this weekend – enough to top the charts, but significantly down on the most recent title in the action franchise.

The Dial Of Destiny had the widest release of 2023 to date in 743 cinemas; and took a £7,205 average. That is less than one third of the £22,728 opening average of the last Indiana Jones film, 2008’s The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which started with £12.2m before ending on £40.3m.

With £1.8m from its two days of previews, The Dial Of Destiny recorded a £7.1m total opening. The film’s UK-Ireland start was in line with its mild $130m global bow.

The Dial Of Destiny still scored more than three times the total of the number two film, Sony’s Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse; although the Sony animation posted a strong hold on its fifth weekend, dropping just 23.3% with £1.5m taking it to £25.9m.

Across The Spider-Verse is now climbing up the 200 highest-grossing films of all time in the UK and Ireland; and has two-and-a-half times the total box office of 2018 first title Into The Spider-Verse.

Universal’s animated family feature Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken had a low £884,898 opening from 561 cinemas, at an average of £1,561.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid posted another strong hold on its sixth weekend in cinemas, dropping just 24% with £837,544 taking it to a £25m cume.

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City held well for Universal, dropping just 28% across its second weekend with £797,946 taking it to a £2.7m cume. It has already topped the total gross of the director’s Moonrise Kingdom (£2.1m), The Darjeeling Limited (£1.5m), The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (£1.6m) and Rushmore (£424,055).

Despite moderate openings from The Dial Of Destiny and Ruby Gillman, takings for the top five rose 48.2% to £9.4m – the highest mark since £9.7m on May 19.

Firm Feelings

No Hard Feelings held firm on its second weekend in cinemas for Sony, dropping just 26.5% with £631,503 taking it to a £2.4m total to date.

The Flash has dropped out of the top five after three weekends for Warner Bros. The DC title added £620,000 – a 52.3% drop – and is just beyond the £8m mark in total.

On its fourth weekend in cinemas, Paramount’s Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts fell 35%, with £511,000 taking it to a £7.1m cume. A long tail could see it catch the £9.5m of 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight – currently the lowest-grossing title in the franchise.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 dropped 56% over its ninth weekend, with £85,887 taking it to a £36.5m cume. It is currently the 14th -highest-grossing of 32 Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and could still catch the £37m of 2013’s Iron Man 3.

The Boogeyman is having a decent tail for Disney, dropping just 28% on its fifth session with £80,931 taking it to a respectable £1.8m cume.

After £88,975 on its Wednesday, June 28 release day, Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty took an extra £64,641 on Sunday, July 2 for Trafalgar Releasing to reach a cumulative £157,563, with several sites still to report.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie added £63,732 on its 13th weekend in cinemas for Universal – a 29% drop. The video game adaptation is up to a huge £53.8m, ahead of animated comparison Frozen 2 (a lower £53.8m) from 2019.

Elysian Film Groups’s Take That-themed musical Greatest Days is falling away after only three weekends in cinemas, dropping 72.6% with £53,474 taking it to a £1.4m total.

Fast X dropped 62% on its seventh weekend in cinemas. The Universal car-racing title added £49,323 to cross the £15m mark; but is still down on the recent franchise entries Fast & Furious 7 (£38.7m) from 2015, 8 (£29.7m) from 2017, 6 (£25.3m) from 2013, Hobbs & Shaw (£20.7m) from 2019, 5 (£18.5m) from 2011 and previous entry 9 (£16.5m) from 2021.

Modern Films’ Venice 2022 thriller La Syndicaliste starring Isabelle Huppert opened to £26,687 from just 26 sites, for a strong £1,026 average, including an opening night screening at London’s Curzon Mayfair with director Jean-Paul Salome and Huppert in attendance.

Leonor Serraille’s Cannes 2022 Competition title Mother And Son opened to £10,270 for Picturehouse Entertainment, with £16,769 including previews.

Bulldog Film Distribution’s Hello, Bookstore started with £3,442, and £4,397 including previews.

Boxing drama Small, Slow But Steady opened to £1,600 from nine sites for Blue Finch Films.


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