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Buu Baseball Cap

Buu Baseball Cap

  • Buu Baseball Cap

  • Material: This hat produced by textile technology with polyester as raw material. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, warmth, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene. Generally speaking, polyester fabrics have better moisture absorption and heat resistance and are comfortable to wear.

  • Hygroscopicity: The nature of teenagers (children) is to like having fun, sports, etc. Especially in summer, it is easy to sweat during exercise. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the moisture contained in the fiber will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric maintains a water balance and makes people feel comfortable.

  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

  • Hand Wash Only

  • Fastening: Buckle

  • Modern

  • Adjustable

  • Sun Protection: Cotton fabrics have good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110°C, it will only cause the moisture on the fabric to evaporate and will not damage the fibers. Therefore, cotton hats can better protect human skin from the sun (ultraviolet rays).

  • Design: Velcro Hook closure. Size: one size fit the most. Head circumference is about 55-60cm /6 1/8-7 1/4, Suitable for teens and adults. Hand Wash Only

  • The Best Gift: Make trips to theme parks more memorable with this quality crafted cap, stage show, dance, children gift etc. Perfect for Teenager's outdoor sports such as running, cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, travelling and more.


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