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In2ruders is a dark, sexy and twisted short horror film from award-winning director Naeem Mahmood. What price would you pay for fame, that's the question asked by this intelligent film, about the darker side of the music industry.

Starring the music duo Bloom twins, Caprice, Dr Who's Samuel Anderson with a wonderfully creepy turn from music legend Tony Hadley as a nightmarish lounge singer, In2ruders is a powerful film that is as gripping as it is shocking. Highly stylised with a fantastic dream-like quality that slips in and out of the realms of pure nightmares, In2ruders is a captivating film. Tightly shot and utilising some great editing techniques, the film draws you entirely into the plight of the protagonist. Aiding this immersion in the nightmare world is a disturbing and unsettling times film score from Duran Duran legend Nick Rhodes that matches the events on screen perfectly. Rhodes has composed a score that really gets under your skin and leaves you feeling somewhat disoriented.


Caprice's turn as the beguiling villain is a revelation, when she is on screen she commands your attention, with her siren like performance. The Bloom twins also handled themselves very well, they may not have the screen presence of Caprice but they do a bring a sense of fragility to their roles.

In2ruders, like all good nightmares, doesn't have a typically linear plot, the events of the film are presented with a sort of fractured timeline, ensuring that the viewer is kept on an uneasy and uneven keel. And like all good nightmares, the film has an effective ambiguous and open-ended finale.

If you are looking for an intelligent horror film that isn't your usual run of the mill, then In2ruders is the film for you. It's exploration of Faustain and the struggles that females face while trying to make in the music business themes are cleverly handled and bring something new and unique to this well worn trope. Like the twisted offspring of David Lynch and Black Mirrors In2ruders is a surreal nightmare journey into the dark underbelly of fame.


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