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Technicolor Provides Color Grading for Brash Young Turks.

Brash Young Turks colour grading

Brash Young Turks follows the lives of a group of daring new go-getters as they pursue their dreams. A bold feature debut from Director Naeem Mahmood, winner of the coveted Prince’s Trust Millennium award, the film is a fast paced, urban drama touching on the struggle of love, crime and power.

Technicolor’s Lee Twohey provided the color grade for the film. The director, Naeem Mahmood, was clear on his vision to move away from the gritty style of social-realism that is characteristic of many British films dealing with the theme of disadvantaged teens. Mahmood described his choice of using vivid colour as reflecting the mind-set of the characters, “the characters are fearless and that reflects in the colours, we wanted to create a world of possibilities and with Brash Young Turks you’re going to see London in a completely different light”.

Set against a vibrant backdrop of contemporary London, this compelling coming-of-age story follows troubled but ambitious teen Mia (Melissa Latouche) as she is rescued from her hellish care home by the exuberant leader of a gang of young hustlers, Terrell (Paul Ciedozie).

Mahmood worked to cast fresh, new talent in a youth centre in Hackney, London, describing this as the best way to “get a diverse and honest perspective on young people’s aspirations”. His organic method of filmmaking and use of improvisation to develop both young actors and scripts makes Mahmood a British director to watch. The cast also features a number of well-seasoned actors, such as Julian Glover CBE (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, For Your Eyes Only, Empire Strikes Back), Tom Bott (Shank), Annie Cooper (Kick Ass, Skins), Charles Mnene (Misfits, Dubplate Drama), Annabelle Lanyon (Legend) and Richard Shelton (Emmerdale).

With its vibrant colors, and a special cameo from The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Brash Young Turks is set to bring something fresh and dynamic to the British film industry. Brash Young Turks was color graded in London and premiered at the British Urban Film Festival on September 19th.


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